Next Steps

Activity to show contact's profile information
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What should be visible here? (Profile page)
  • Fullname, Username, Profile image
  • Latest statuses/wall posts
  • List of friends
  • Other profile info like location, sex, homepage, ...
  • Photos/Albums (not possible with curr. API?)
What actions?
  • Write post on friends wall

Activity to show post details with comments
I don't know how to get all comments of a post (it's simple to get the post of a comment via "in_reply_to_status_id", but is there something like "statuses/show_all_in_reply_to/1234")

Post URLs from Share Intent
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Threaded view for news feed
First version should be quite easy by attaching posts with "statusnet_conversation_id" != "id" to the post which has the corresponding "id".

Version History

- Upload Photo From Intent
- Timeline, Notifications, My Wall
- Tablet layout
- Menu with count of TL, Notif., Wall, Fr.Rq.
- My Photo Albums (dummy)
- Friends
- https support
- Take Photo And Upload
- bugfix for crash occuring when uploading large images