Features a dedicated Friendica API should have

* I marked items with an asterisk where being logged in is required

Status lists

(different modes: Only Root Posts / Posts+Comments by publish date / Posts with comments as sub-items)

User Wall
- current user*
- other user (parameter: UserID)
(modes as for Timeline)

(parameter: ConversationID)

Status details/manipulation

Get single status by id

Set/Unset flags:* like, dislike, star

Set permissions*

Delete status*

Post statuses*

- text / html
- source (app)
- permissions
- opt.: upload image
- conversation_id (to comment on a post)
- geolocation


Get Profile information; Get Friends
- current user*
- other user

Add Contact (=Send Friend Request)*

List Friend requests*
Respond to friend request (accept/ignore/decline)*

Remove Friend*


Upload New Photo*

List all Albums; List all Photos; List Photos in Album
- current user*
- other user

Get photo details / Update photo details*
- Album Name
- Subtitle
- Tags
- Permissions